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Enviro Tech Industrial Products


Clean Room Equipment

We are one of the most trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers of superior quality Clean Room Equipment. Our range of Clean Room Equipment includes Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge and Stainless Steel Pass Box.

Industrial Filters

We are listed at apex in the list of major Manufacturers and Suppliers of a wide range of Industrial Filters. Our range of Industrial Filters includes HEPA Filters, Air Pre Filters, Fine Filter, Mini Plate HEPA Filter and High Temperature HEPA Filter. The Industrial Filters are manufactured from high quality raw materials using advanced machinery. Our Industrial Filters are highly efficient and have long functional life.

  • HEPA Filter

    Type : Hepa Filters

    Material : Stainless Steel, Aluminium Sheet

    Diameter : 100-150mm, 150-200mm, 200-250mm, 50-100mm

    Certification : yas

    Color : Light White

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    HEPA Filter

  • Air Pre Filter

    Type : Pre Filters

    Material : GI SHEET


    Certification : YAS

    Color : White

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    Air Pre Filter

  • Fine Filter

    Type : Pre Filters, Fine Filter

    Material : GI SHEET

    Use : AIR

    Certification : YAS

    Color : White

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    Fine Filter

  • Mini Plate Hepa Filter

    Type : Mini Pleat Hepa Filter

    Material : Aluminium Sheet

    Certification : yas

    Color : Light White

    Feature : Heat Resistance, Perfect Griping

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    Mini Plate Hepa Filter

  • Metallic Filter

    Type : Metallic Filter

    Material : Aluminium, G.I, Metal, Stainless Steel

    Shape : Square

    Thickness : 0-50cm, 100-150cm, 150-200cm, 50-100cm

    Certification : YAS

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    Metallic Filter

  • Carbon Filter

    Type : Carbon Filters

    Material : Non-woven synthetic/glass fiber media, expanded aluminium

    Use : AHU UNIT

    Certification : YAS

    Color : BLACK

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    Carbon Filter

  • High Temperature HEPA Filter

    Type : High Temperature Filters

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Shape : Square

    Thickness : 0-50cm, 100-150cm, 150-200cm, 50-100cm

    Certification : YAS

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    High Temperature HEPA Filter

Air Cooling Equipment

We offer a wide assortment of superior quality Air Cooling Equipment which includes Air Handling Unit, Industrial Impellers, Heating and Cooling Coils, Air Cooling Pads, Fan Coil Unit, Air Curtain, Air Washer Unit, Volume Control Damper, and Cooling Tower PVC Fills.

  • Air Handling Unit

    Type : Air Handling Unit

    Certification : YAS

    Application : Industrial

    Color : Blue, Brown, Grey, Light Green, Light White

    Voltage : 220V

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    Air Handling Unit

  • Industrial Impellers

    Type : Industrial Impeller

    Material : Metal

    Shape : Round

    Thickness : 3 MM

    Color : Light Brown

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    Industrial Impellers

  • Heating and Cooling Coils

    Type : Heating and Cooling Coils

    Material : Copper, SS 304

    Certification : YAS

    Length : 610 MM X 610 MM

    Application : Industrial Use, Manufacturing Use

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    Heating and Cooling Coils

  • Air Cooling Pads

    Size : 1200 MM X 600 MM X 200 MM

    Type : Air Cooling Pad

    Material : Kraft Paper

    Shape : Square

    Application : Air Cooler, Air Filter, Industrial

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    Air Cooling Pads

  • Fan Coil Unit

    Type : Fan Coil Unit

    Certification : YAS

    Condition : New

    Automatic Grade : Manual

    Warranty : 1yrs

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    Fan Coil Unit

  • Air Curtain

    Type : Air Curtains

    Application : Hospital, Hotel

    Color : Sky Blue

    Feature : Easily Washable, Good Quality

    Height : 7Ft

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    Air Curtain

  • Air Washer Unit

    Type : Air Washer

    Material : Aluminium, Stainless Steel, GI SHEET

    Application : Industrial Use

    Color : Golden, Grey, Silver

    Condition : New

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    Air Washer Unit

  • Cooling Tower PVC Fills

    Type : Pvc Cooling Tower Fills

    Material : Pvc

    Application : D.G. Sets, Plastic Molding Machines, Process Cooling

    Color : Blue

    Condition : New

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    Cooling Tower PVC Fills

  • Volume Control Damper

    Size : 10x10Inch, 15x15Inch, 20x20Inch, 25x25Inch, 30x30Inch

    Type : Volume Control Damper

    Material : Aluminium, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel

    Shape : Square

    Color : Silver, White

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    Volume Control Damper

  • Aluminum Front Grill

    Type : Aluminium Grill

    Material : Ac Aluminium Grill

    Shape : Square

    Application : HVAC industries

    Color : Grey

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    Aluminum Front Grill

  • Axial Flow Fan

    Type : Axial Flow Fans

    Certification : YAS

    Application : Air Cooling

    Color : Blue, Brown, White

    Voltage : 220V

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    Axial Flow Fan

  • Aluminum Linear Grill

    Type : Linear Bar Grill

    Material : Stainless Steel, Steel, ALUMINUM

    Shape : Square

    Application : DUCT

    Color : White

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    Aluminum Linear Grill

  • Evaporative Cooling Pad

    Size : 1800 MM X 600 MM X 200 MM

    Type : Air Cooled, Cooling Pad

    Cover Material : Cellulose Paper

    Shape : Square

    Application : Air Cooler, Green House, Poultry, AIR WESHER

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    Evaporative Cooling Pad

  • Cellulose Paper Pad

    Type : Cellulose Cooling Pad, Cellulose Pad

    Material : Craft Paper

    Thickness : 100mm, 50mm, 200 MM

    Shelf Life : 1year

    Color : Brown

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    Cellulose Paper Pad

  • Stainless Steel Cooling Coil

    Type : Stainless Steel Coils

    Material : SS 304 PIPE

    Thickness : 18 SWG

    Certification : YAS

    Length : 610 MM

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    Stainless Steel Cooling Coil

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