Mini Plate HEPA Filter

Mini Plate HEPA Filter

We offer Mini Plate HEPA Filter which offers protection against harmful particles which are emitted from radioactive substances. Our Mini Plate HEPA Filter is ASHRAE tested and can capture 99. 97 % of particles larger than 0.3 microns in diameter. Also, our Mini Plate HEPA Filters are used post filters on a multiple filter dust collection system and as an ambient air cleaner that removes light atmospheric dust from breathing zones.

Technical Specifications

  • Flange Type & Box Type
  • Customized Sizes are Available on Request
  • Filtration Rating : 0. 3 micron & more
  • Frame Material : ss 304 / gi (galvanized steel) / aluminum.
  • Filtration Efficiency : 90 â�� 99. 9 %
  • Filter Media : glass fiber media / spun bonded polyester media.

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